BiomedBuddy is an online community for biomedical engineers and health care providers that offers sales and support of medical equipment. With the help of our comprehensive support and training programs hospital staff will become more confident and productive. The medical community will become more self-sufficient. Health care costs will be lowered.

One-on-One Training

BiomedBuddy currently offers training on the STA Compact manufactured by Diagnostica Stago. We can provide training on or off site. Contact us. If you are interested in one-on-one training.


BiomedBuddy's collection of quality, user-generated tutorials are available as a resource to biomedical technicians throughout the world.

We encourage you to join our community and explore our tutorial library. Make your own training program to share with users and BiomedBuddy will share the future profits with you!

Certification Training

BiomedBuddy’s Certification modules provide an easy way for management to document the efficiency and skill of their staff. Training courses can be completed at home, in a classroom, or at any other location. Certification documentation will be provided upon course completion. Certify yourself or your staff today!