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BiomedBuddy is an online community for biomedical engineers and health care providers that offers sales and support of medical equipment. With the help of our comprehensive support and training programs, hospital staff will become more confident and productive. The medical community will become more self-sufficient. Health care costs will be lowered.

BiomedBuddy was created to foster an online community that will help clinical engineers meet their goals and bring greater efficiency to the health care system.

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BiomedBuddy Marketplace

We sell new and used biomedical parts or equipment. Currently, BiomedBuddy offers any used part for the STAGO unit and, to ensure reliability, we test each part prior to sending it to you. We also offer a consignment program through which hospitals can sell their used or unwanted parts. In time, we hope to grow to a one-stop-shop for all medical parts and tools.

BiomedBuddy Online Community

Our long-term goal at BiomedBuddy is to create an online medical service community that will provide accessible and comprehensive solutions for your medical equipment needs. We want the control of medical technology in your hands, not the manufacturers’.

As we in the medical community know all too well, the cost of service contracts and repair work (no matter how small) for medical equipment often far exceeds the cost of the equipment itself. In a time of rising health care costs, shrinking budgets, and the expansion of medicine across the globe, these high service costs often impair the quality of health care. Here is where the BiomedBuddy Online Community comes in: we will enable all medical equipment users to service their own equipment by providing the needed support, documentation, and training tutorials.

To provide this support, we imagine a community of Field Service Engineers, Biomedical Engineers, and Service Companies sharing their technical expertise through online video tutorials, presentations, and the like. As an incentive for these professionals, each tutorial creator will receive a share of profits acquired from the membership fees that give access to the tutorials. By sharing knowledge, we can not only lower health care costs, but also help hospitals worldwide provide better health care solutions.

Kevin Richir, Founder

Originally trained as a biomedical technician for the United States Army, Kevin Richir brings more than 30 years of experience to the field of biomedical equipment support, service, and repair. more...

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What is Biomedical Engineering?

Biomedical engineering is the application of engineering principles and techniques to the field of medicine. It uses the design and problem solving approach of engineering within the context of medical and biological sciences in order to improve medical diagnoses, health monitoring, and treatment therapies. Biomedical engineers are typically involved in the diagnostic and repair of therapeutic medical devices and imaging equipment (MRIs, EKGs, etc).