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Originally trained as a biomedical technician for the United States Army, Kevin Richir brings more than 30 years of experience to the field of biomedical equipment support, service, and repair.

For 10 years, Kevin worked as a Senior Field Service Engineer with Diagnostica Stago, a leading manufacturer of coagulation units worldwide. Prior to working with Stago, he spearheaded the biomedical equipment maintenance program at the Cardiac Facility of Washington Adventist Hospital in Silver Spring, MD. While doing that, he also spent time managing the Plant Operations department at Healthsouth Medical Center in Richmond, VA. That work, as well as 17 years as a manufacturer’s representative, has given him extensive hands-on biomedical experience and an expertise with biomedical equipment, specifically the Stago coagulation units and flame photometers.

Kevin currently works in research labs at both universities and hospitals servicing and maintaining research instrumentation. Kevin lives in Virginia with his wife of 29 years where he dreams of revolutionizing the field of medical equipment maintenance.

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