Benchmark Slide Stainer


The VENTANA BenchMark Special Stains system puts together self-operating individual slide staining with a wide range of accessible assays. This allows for a total special stains solution. The BenchMark Special Stains slide staining system reduces technician time by mechanizing usual tasks such as baking, paraffin removal, and staining, while the accessible assays increase technician safety by cutting down exposure to harmful chemicals and support quick, precise, consistent results.


  • Patented liquid cover slip, which minimizes overall reagent usage and prevents evaporation and protects sample from drying.
  • Patented liquid vortex air mixer, which ensures uniform distribution of antibodies through motion.
  • Buffer jet slide washer assures clean crisp slides with no carryover.
  • Innovative easy-to-use software
  • Minimal reagent use of 100 ul for complete slide coverage
  • Controlled heating, which enhances reaction time for rapid turnaround.
  • Random access system, providing what you want, when you want it.
  • Barcode driven slides and reagents to complete hands-off automation of IHC, in situ and FISH, 20 different protocols per run.

3 Parts to this system:

Size (W x D x H) 16” x 21.5” x 13.5” 55 Lbs.

20” x 21.5” x 20.5” 58 lbs.

20” x 21.5” x 20.5” 30 lbs.

A video introduction to the Benchmark Slide Stainer

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