Determining the Password to the Service of the STA Compact.

Introduction to how the password code is generated for the STA Compact and the Star.

Transcription of Determining the Password to the Service of the STA Compact

Welcome to Biomed Buddy. Here, I'm going to give you a brief introduction to how the code is generated for the STA Compact, and it actually works for the STAR 2. I will tell you, for the STAR, you have to change the month and the dates around. It is the same method that you generate the code.

In this example, we use a date of 3/27/08. Complete number we want to work with is 03/27/2008. The first digit, 0, goes straight down. The second digit, 3, goes to the right. Third digit, the 2, goes to the left. The seven goes straight down. To start our code, the first 4 numbers are 0237. From here, we have to convert to hexadecimal. To do this, you take all the numbers of this particular date, which is 03/27/2008; add them up, for a total of 22. You take 22, convert it to hexadecimal. 16 / 22 gives you the 1, which is the fifth number you need. You have a remainder of 6; you convert that to hexadecimal, which if you look to far left, you'll see 6=6. Your full code for, for this date is 023716.

Just to elaborate a little, if that remainder was a number as high as 10, go over to the left. You'll see a 10 is actually an A. In that particular example, your code would be 02371A. Hopefully this is clear. Good luck with it.