STA Compact Operations: Changing Cuvette Wheel

Changing the cuvette wheel for the STA Compact. Software for bar coding cuvette wheel not used by this software version.

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Transcription of STA Compact Operations: Changing Cuvette Wheel

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A box of Diagnostaca STAGO Cuvette Rolls cost approx. $1000.00. For this reason the newer software makes you barcode in the cuvette roll. This is to help stop other manufactures from making the cuvettes. Best way to load the cuvette wheel properly is to “Follow the Screen Prompts” This video is changing the wheel using the older version of software. There is not much difference.

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Welcome back to Bio Med Buddy. Today we're going to change the cuvette wheel.

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Do not attempt to pull out the cuvette drawer with the unit running samples. Do not jerk on the cuvette drawer. It should open easily not following the procedure could damage the unit.

(Opens door to the right and slides out the wheel, :32)

The cuvette wheel is located on the right-hand side of the instrument. Open the right-hand side door just so you can see it. The cuvette wheel. This is a full one that's on it but we are still going to change it for demonstration purposes, and you will just see us unload this one and reload it. We'll put it right back for now, so you can see the whole procedure.

(Slides wheel in and closes the door, :44)

(Camera pans to computer screen, :45)

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The commands to get to the loading of cuvette are “Esc” which brings up the dos menu, then loading and the cuvettes.

We're going to hit escape, go over to loading, enter cuvettes, down to cuvettes, enter. Please remove the empty roll. Open the right-hand door. Pull the wheel out, lift the levers up, and remove the old wheel.

(Opens door, slides wheel out, lifts levers in center of the wheel and just behind the wheel, and removes the wheel. 1:15)

(Camera pans to computer screen, 1:16)

Spacebar to confirm.

Okay, now it wants you to load a new wheel onto it. We're going to reload the one we just took off of it, but again it's just for demonstration. I'm going to put the roll back on. Close the latch. Small wheel back on. Close it. Make sure our two pieces of plastic go underneath these two right wheels. Take this wheel; pull in the direction of the arrow. Pull it until the first one goes in. Close the door.

(Replaces the wheel, 2:02)

(Camera pans to computer screen, 2:04)

F10 to confirm. Enter to begin. This is going to give you a test to make sure that you put it in right. Now it's asking for how many cuvettes did you put in. I do not know.

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Adding the correct number of cuvettes on a roll is how the unit updates the status screen.

For this purpose, we will put in 800. Normally it would be 1000. That's because normally you would change it with a new wheel. Enter. Now it wants me to change the waste bin for the cuvettes, which is right here. Pull it out.

(Removes bottom right drawer, 2:35)

Take out the plastic container. Put in a new plastic container. Make sure that the edges are all down. I'm going to tell you a little trick here. Make sure that they are all down. You don't want big pieces sticking up like that. You want all of the edges down. If you have big pieces sticking up like that, what will happen is when the arm comes over it will catch it. A little trick that a lot of people use is they put a paper clip on each of the four corners. That's to make sure that it stays down.

Now, the front corner is what's most important, but I usually put them on all four. The purpose of that is to keep the bag out of the way of arm number two. And of course the back is the one I'm least worried about. In fact, I'm not really worried about that one at all. But again that keeps the bag all down. I will tell you another problem people do. They have a tendency. See this plastic groove in here. That plastic groove goes right into this slot.

(Points to the underside of the removed drawer and bottom right corner of the space it was removed from. Replaces drawer, 3:37)

I look underneath and make sure it goes into that slot and slide it into place. I will tell you most of the time I can tell immediately if it's not incorrect because you can look at the space between the waste container and the product door and you'll see a little gap. If there's a little gap, you might want to check that.

(Slide, 4:04)

If the waste bag is not properly installed it may catch on arm 2. This will cause several possible issues.

And the reason why that's important is that it will cause friction between the product door and the waste container. Okay we are done. Please change, so it's F10 to confirm. F10.

(Camera pans to computer screen, 4:15)

And we are done. If we hit escape, go into status, system, we would see that we have, in our cuvettes, 800. Thank you much for attending this session of Bio Med Buddy.